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Backed by Rand Mutual Assurance’s values of care, knowledge sharing, and empowerment, MoneyCare assists South Africans in learning more about money so they can plan for a better future for themselves and their families.

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Why we are here

We are passionate about offering you financial information and tools to help you plan your financial life. We care about helping you create a sustainable future for you and your family and, in doing so, learn the skills to build generational wealth.

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How are we doing this

By providing South Africans with free online educational tools and resources to help them become Money Smart and improve their lives. In addition to sharing information and tips on social media platforms, radio and television, we also provide videos and articles that can help you learn more about money.

Our Mission

To educate and inform South Africans on their money journey in order to assist them in making informed decisions about their finances.

Our Vision

To empower all South Africans to make sound financial decisions for their future wealth and that of their families.

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Powered by rand mutual assurance

As an organisation that is compassionate and caring, RMA goes the extra mile to ensure that beneficiaries and their families receive the care and compensation they are entitled to when they have sustained either a work-related injury or occupational disease.

The core of RMA’s administration business is the receipt, adjudication and administration of workers’ compensation claims, including the payment of medical costs, once-off disability payments and the ongoing payment of pensions in the case of severe disability and death. RMA’s high level of service and quick claims turnaround is underpinned by a market-leading integrated claims management IT system that allows for paperless adjudication of claims.

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Helpful Articles

MoneyCare is a consumer education program focussing on COID and financial literacy. Backed by Rand Mutual Assurance’s values and philosophy of sharing knowledge, caring about consumers and future consumers for their well-being and the public’s good. This program is a proud initiative of RMA.


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Why do you need to have a Will

The Last Will & Testament is one of the most important legal documents every adult should hold. Even more important to have when you are a parent or married with a family. This written document instructs and expresses the way an owner of property wishes to give...

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Understanding different payment options:

When you buy big items like furniture, you would normally have a few options on how to pay for them.  Usually, the store will give you any of these 3 options: Pay cash (usually this can come with a discount)Pay in 3 months (Usually this option does not come with...