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Take control of your spending with our ‘easy to use’ online budget calculator. Choose to work out either a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annual budget based on how frequently you get paid. Consider your main salary, any other sources of income, your expenses and your debts.

Easily calculate how much of your income should be allocated to savings, needs, and wants. You can print or download your budget so you’re always on top of things. 

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Step 1

In the second column of the calculator, choose your ‘frequency’ from the drop down menu. This will depend on how often you receive money. 
For example: Do you get paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually?  

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Step 2

Insert your household income amounts after tax has been deducted. This includes your own income as well as your partners income. 
For the results to be accurate, include any overtime or commission that you receive. You are able to add additional income rows to customise your budget. 

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Step 3

Insert the amounts of all of your outgoing household expenses. You are able to add additional outgoing expense rows to customise your budget.

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Step 4

Choose if you would like to view your weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annual results using the drop down menu. 

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Step 5

See your results, and either download or print your personalised budget. 

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