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Why You Need A Will FA 400x250, MoneyCare

Why do you need to have a Will

The Last Will & Testament is one of the most important legal documents every adult should hold. Even more important to have when you are a parent or married with a family. This written document instructs and expresses the way an owner of property wishes to give...

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Understanding different payment options:

When you buy big items like furniture, you would normally have a few options on how to pay for them.  Usually, the store will give you any of these 3 options: Pay cash (usually this can come with a discount)Pay in 3 months (Usually this option does not come with...

Financial Goals FA 400x250, MoneyCare

How to set Financial Goals on an impossible budget:

Financial goals are financial needs that you would like to achieve in the future. Things like saving for stationery, saving for a family event (Weddings, Unveiling of Tombstones) are more short-term goals. Long term goals will be like saving for children’s education....

Budgeting FA 400x250, MoneyCare

Budgeting for the increasing Costs in RSA

The rise in the petrol price affects everything, which means everyday goods get more expensive accordingly. The cost of transport, groceries and housing keeps going up and sadly, our income remains the same. This tells us, we need to go back to our budgets and remove...

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Importance of paying your accounts on time

Paying your accounts on time is a good financial habit everyone should entry to follow, especially since it can negatively affect your finances, if not done properly. So, what could possibly be affected if you’re paying your accounts late? Credit score When borrowing...

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