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Payday Loans. What you should know

Nearly 50% of South African households currently rely on social grants as their primary source of income. When this isn't enough, a short-term loan is often needed to help. People who aren't eligible for loans from registered lenders will try to borrow money from...

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STOKVELS – What you need to know

Stokvels have been around for quite a while. You may have heard of the name but might not know much about what they are or how they work. Did you know that Stokvels are a legally approved manner for a group of individuals with a common goal to meet regularly and...

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Empowering Yourself Through Education

Education is power.Empower yourself with the below list of government initiatives that can help you on your journey to a better tomorrow. Youth Development:http://www.nyda.gov.za/https://lovelife.org.zahttps://www.westerncape.gov.za/youth-cafe/youth-caf Financial...

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Tip 6 of 6: Think About The End Goal

The right time to start saving towards your retirement is as early as possible. Consider a pension fund, provident fund, and retirement annuity too. These will help ensure that you don’t run out of money during retirement. Retirement funds have the added bonus of a...

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Tip 5 of 6: Prepare for the unknown

You can’t guarantee what might happen in the future, but you can plan for it.  Always consider ways to get rid of risk in the event that you lose your ability to work, fall sick or die. There are many long-term insurance products you can consider like life cover,...

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Tip 4 of 6: Saving vs Investing

The world of investing can be intimidating but it has great benefits. The earlier you start to invest, the better. There is a big misunderstanding between saving and investing. They are very different. Saving is keeping money with the intention of using it anytime...

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Tip 3 of 6: Keep notes of Everything You Spend

By setting financial goals, you eliminate the risk of upgrading your lifestyle in a way that stops you from saving or investing your excess money. Affording something on paper does not necessarily mean that you should make it a part of your lifestyle. Some tips: set...

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Tip 1 of 6: Know the value of your money

Before making any major decisions on how you spend, save, or invest your money, it is a good idea to work out its current value, future value, and the potential compounded interest you could earn. This means that the money you are keeping under your mattress for a...

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Tip 2 of 6 – Get rid of your debt

The key to a debt-free life all depends on how you control your spending. A monthly budget helps keep track of all your costs and stops you from unnecessary spending and opens you up to extra cash flow which makes it easier to pay off your debts faster


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