ESKOM Prepaid Residential Electricity – The more you buy, the more you pay.

Jun 9, 2022 | Helpful Tips

Did you know that depending on where you live and how much electricity you buy, you could pay 2 different prices in the same month?

ESKOM charges different prices for electricity in what are called “Blocks” .  There are 2 Blocks. A single Block is a certain amount of electricity allocated at a certain price that you can buy during the month.

You start at Block 1 which is the cheapest. When you buy more electricity than allocated in Block 1 you move up to Block 2. The electricity price in Block 2 is more expensive per unit.

With electricity – the more you buy, the more you pay.

For example, buying 3 months of electricity in one go is more expensive than only buying what you need for the month you are in. The electricity price depends on how much you buy and not how much you use. At the start of the next month, the Blocks are reset and start at again at Block 1.

So be money smart and only buy the electricity you need for the month you are in.

  • Know how many electricity units you use in 1 month
  • Know how many electricity units are in your Block 1 for your area and housing type
  • Buy accordingly

Good to Know

As of 2022 ESKOM rates – most people living in informal areas will pay about R1,76 (VAT Incl.) per unit up to 350 units (Block 1). If they buy more than 350 units (Block 2) in the same month, they will pay roughly R1,99 (VAT Incl.) for each extra unit.

Different areas, municipalities and housing types have different Block rates. Businesses and industries also have different Block rates.

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